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Miami's Continuum opens virtual health & fitness community for residents

One of the iconic luxury residences in Miami, Continuum BeachFront Residences has turned to the virtual world to create a commune space for its residences during the COVID-19 isolation period.
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Continuum, one of the nation’s premier resort-style oceanfront condominium residences located in Miami Beach, is adjusting its usual offer of luxury residential amenities to alleviate the sense of seclusion—allowing residents to come together in virtual community of health and fitness during an unnerving period of social isolation.

The Luxurious Amenities of Continuum BeachFront Residences

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The iconic residential towers, overlooking the ocean on the southernmost tip of Miami Beach, is a community of more than 530 homes, many of which include households of families who are currently adhering to the advice of local authorities by staying at home to avoid social interaction.

 Individuals and family members of all ages have enjoyed an array of luxury amenities at the Continuum for more than 20 years, including a Sporting Club & Spa (complete with gym, lap pool, rooftop CrossFit deck, spa services and daily schedule of fitness classes), tennis pavilion (three courts) and private open-air patio restaurant—all of which have had to close due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Wellness at the Continuum has always been among the property’s most alluring charms, enjoyed by its homeowners from around the world, and while management prides itself on keeping its residents healthy and safe, occupants are currently unable to take advantage of their much-loved amenities within the community.

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Through the virtues of modern-day technology, the Continuum management team has adjusted to the current shift in how people enjoy their leisure time by creating a virtual hub for its culinary, health and fitness amenities as a method to ensure its community remains communal and active in times of need.

Residents are now able to participate in a daily schedule of virtual fitness classes, especially created by the team of instructors at the Continuum Sporting Club & Spa.

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By logging-on to the popular Periscope app, fitness enthusiasts are able to unite online with their neighbours and classmates from the comfort of their home. The live video streaming app allows gym and studio instructors to conduct their regular class sessions remotely, enabling participants to enjoy their daily workout routine while keeping their quarantine measures in place. 

A weekly schedule of virtual classes, conducted daily via the live web video platform, has been developed for yoga, strength training, boxing, Pilates, martial arts and CrossFit, among other Sporting Club favourites. 

Dozens of Continuum residents are taking advantage of this new age fitness amenity made available to them, knowing they are being joined in the virtual world by their fellow residents in isolation while accepting the absence of social mingling due to the building’s temporary closure.

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To complement the growing popularity of the in-home Virtual Fitness Classes being offered (with “Fit Kids,” “Yogilates” and Zumba classes recently added), the Continuum Sporting Club has teamed up with Power Systems, Aktiv and B Yoga/Halfmoon, offering a series of discounted gym and training products for in-home delivery, so resident workout regimens are never compromised.

The Continuum Spa has teamed up with Koko Face Yoga, Barefoot Scientist and Knesko, to offer a series of discounted beauty products for those who are serious about maintaining their skin care routine while in isolation. To complement this ‘new normal’ of residential wellness amenity, The Patio restaurant at the Continuum has also made its healthy menu offering available to its residents for breakfast, lunch and dinner through the comfort of a personal device.

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To further ease the burden of self-isolation, the Continuum has created a private online residents’ portal, from which homeowners are able to access and enjoy The Patio’s daily menu offering and choose from a variety of nutritional snacks and meals at any time of the day that are available for home delivery.

Prior to the spread of COVID-19, residents were able to sit and enjoy the fresh breeze from the beach just steps away from the open-air restaurant located in the heart of the Continuum—revelled in as the epicentre of social relaxation for residents and their guests.

The culinary excellence of Italian fare exemplified by The Patio has been brought into the home for quick and easy enjoyment by individuals, couples, friends and family through a virtual menu. From quinoa pancakes for breakfast and house-made pasta or pizza for lunch to organic meat dishes for dinner, the healthiest menu options can be ordered electronically from the home to the kitchen.

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“While we are all experiencing rather uncertain times, we increasingly understand the needs of our residents,” says Rishi Idnani, Managing Director of the Continuum.  “Health and wellness at the Continuum have always been a priority, and we are taking stringent measures to ensure our community remains protected during this period of concern.

We are continuously monitoring the Coronavirus outbreak and implementing our health and safety measures in accordance with state and local guidelines. We’re proud to offer the very best amenities for our homeowners and have made our best efforts to ease the burden of isolation at home by introducing a virtual fitness community that allows residents to maintain their workout regimen, courtesy of our Sporting Club & Spa.

We know how fitness and staying active is an essential part of our everyday lives, and together with our virtual restaurant menu for home delivery by The Patio, we strive to ensure a health-conscious lifestyle is made as simple as possible with the help of today’s technology.”

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In addition to the virtual health and lifestyle amenities offered for homeowners at the Continuum, the online residents portal provides updates and essential information from the management team for residents pertaining to the Coronavirus and new guidelines being implemented by state and local authorities. It also acts as a community forum for residents to share information.

This article originally appeared on LUXUO.



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