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#LOFFYourself: Celebrating #IWD2019 with 10 of our favourite girls

We caught up with 10 of Malaysia's most inspiring women to impart their personal message to girls everywhere.
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It is officially International Women's Day (#IWD2019) today and here at L'Officiel Malaysia, we decided to do a little project, titled "#LOFFYourself", to celebrate women all around the world and to inspire and raise awareness to women empowerment and gender equality.

And who better to look to than some of Malaysia's most celebrated personalities and talents, all of which have always risen to the occasion to empower women through their actions.

From entrepreneur Vivy Yusof of Fashion Valet, Datin Sri Linda Chen and DJ Maggy Wang to actresses Jojo Goh, Tong Bing Yu and Lynn Lim, we ask ten stunning and successful Malaysian women to impart us with a personal message to girls everywhere.

Read on to see what these ladies have to say, in celebration of International Women's Day:

Lynn Lim

"I have always loved this quote from the book "A Room of One's Own" by Virginia Woolf, it reads... No need to hurry. No need to sparkle. No need to be anybody but oneself."

– Lynn Lim

Vivy Yusof

"Stop comparing yourself to others. When girls say 'I wanna be her', it worries me. You shouldn’t want to be her, you should want to be YOU – the best version of you."

– Vivy Yusof

"I’ve always felt that women are probably the greatest gift to the world. Some of us probably have random mood swings, we are sometimes reasonably unreasonable because we are sensitive, we have the ability to shake the earth by simply sashaying into a room, we can be picky but indecisive at the same time, and the list goes on.

"We are probably great troublemakers, but come on ain’t this world a boring place without us? Women, continue being who you are and men, please cherish us for who we are, women are simply wonderful! Happy International Women’s Day with love!"

– Jojo Goh

Maggy Wang

"There will be days when it’s harder than the rest. There will be days when you’ll just curl up in bed and feel like you can’t. Truth is, you can and you are capable of so many things.

You just need to remind yourself that. Happy International Women’s Day to all you beautiful, strong and capable ladies out there! Sending all the love ❤!"

– Maggy Wang

Jane Chuck

“Practice 'Self Love' and stop judging yourself. Give yourself a healthy mind and release all the negative energy. You are great. You can control your mind, and you are what your mind is.”

– Jane Chuck

Serena C

"Someone told me something yesterday that really rang a bell about women who lift up each other and support each other in this community.

Unfortunately, there are still people who don't, as women. We tend to bitch, instead. So, I think it is a good point – lifting up each other because the world is a hard place as it is and some nations are still struggling to strive for equality for all.

The theme for #IWD2019 is "Balance For Better". So for the other parts of the world who need to do that, good luck! For us, SUPPORT each other and women rule!"

– Serena C

Tong Bing Yu

"The charm of a woman comes from self-affirmation. Affirm yourself, present yourself well and you will shine."

– Tong Bing Yu

Siti Saleha

"Be the woman who knows she is enough and isn't sorry for being who she truly is. The independent woman who knows her worth and helps other women discover theirs. The force is unstoppable when we embrace one another."

– Siti Saleha


"Trust me, nobody is as successful as Instagram makes them look and nobody is pretty as filters make them seen. The only healthy and worthwhile comparison is you yesterday VS you today. Focus on that!"

– Yiu Lin

Datin Sri Linda Chen

"More and more people are influenced by what they perceive and portray in the eyes of social media. Do not be trapped from FOMO, which I see is a compulsive desire to experience something or be somewhere, motivated not by what you gain, but rather by the fear of what you will potentially lose.  

Overcome your insecurities by evaluating if that event sparks joy and if it is not, let it go. Be present and appreciative of what’s happening and go for quality experience rather than quantity experience."

– Datin Sri Linda Chen

Join us to celebrate International Women's Day 2019 #BalancedForBetter today by sharing your love to the women around you.

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