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Hurricane Bianca is heading towards Singapore

Hold on to your wigs because Bianca Del Rio is going to read you to filth this November.
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Possible our favourite queen in the world of drag (sorry, RuPaul), the Queen of Mean Bianca Del Rio herself is set to turn up a storm in Singapore this 26th November 2017.

Part of her comedy show Blame It On Bianca's world tour, the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 6 will be bringing her sharp wit and Rolodex of Hate to Shine Auditorium in Singapore.

Applauded as the meanest queen of them all, Bianca Del Rio is quite possibly one of the best drag comedy act you will ever see and her debut in Singapore is one not-to-be-missed.

So, get ready and hold on to your lace-front wigs because this one Hurricane Bianca will have you read to filth and balling with laughter.

As we all say, in the great tradition of Paris Is Burning, "reading is what... fundamental!" and we announce that the library is officially open, just for Bianca.

And if you don't know who Bianca is, we only have one thing to say "Sashay away!" or you can watch the video below to see why you should be there for the show.


Bianca Del Rio – 12 Days of Crowning: RuPaul's Drag Race Season 7

The "Blame It On Bianca" show by Bianca Del Rio is brought to you by LA Comedy Live and tickets are available for purchase right now on Tickets are available from SGD 98 onwards.



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