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Huawei ups the ante for P40 series with two telephoto lens!

Yes, you've heard it right – there is two zoom lens on this new addition to the Huawei luxury smartphone.
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The wait is over and last night, we finally get to see the birth of Huawei's latest flagship smartphone breakthrough – the Huawei P40 series – which was unveiled in a live-stream event presented by HUAWEI Consumer Business Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Richard Yu.

And fresh off the live stream event last night, we are here to give you a breakdown of what makes us excited about the Huawei P40 series including its all-new dual telephoto lens and 40W wireless charging.

1585285520195928 huawei p40 telephoto zoom lens

It comes with no surprise that Huawei P series comes with the most impressive photography ever and the Huawei P40 series tops the cake with its new Ultra Vision Leica Quad Camera featuring the main 50MP Ultra Vision Camera paired with 12MP Telephoto Camera, 40MP Ultra Wide Cine Camera and 3D Depth Sensing Camera.

Firstly, the 50MP lens will be able to take in more light and detail for extreme clarity and crisp photos with its RYYB colour filter, while the 12MP telephoto lens boasts of three variations of zoom features – 5x Optical Zoom, 10x Hybrid Zoom and 50x Max Zoom.

1585286264015186 huawei p40 pro

To boot, the Huawei P40 Pro+ also has an additional telephoto camera, an 80mm lens, which will help make extreme telephoto and the regular camera work seamlessly as you transition between regular photo-taking and ultra-zoom photography.

And with the new technology, the P40 also boasts of even more perfect portrait photography with the new set of upgraded high definition 32 MP front camera with auto-focus and an IR depth camera that work closely to produce a good selfie with natural bokeh effects

So, to say that Huawei P40 has the ultimate photography experience might not be an exaggeration.

1585286580618174 screenshot 2020 03 27 at 1.22.36 pm

Another exciting feature is the Huawei Golden Snap AI that comes with a wide range of features – like capturing a moving picture and then suggesting 2-3 of the best moving moment through its gallery.

But the one that takes the cake is the "Remove Passerby" function where the AI can help detect and remove passersby in your photos to create a clean background – perfect for places like museums, art galleries and landmark architectures. Of course, the full capabilities will have to wait until the official drop of the smartphone.

And speaking of AI, the Huawei P40 has Celia as your virtual voice-activated assistant that can help you seamlessly achieve a multitude of tasks.

1585286802232263 huawei p40 colours

Across the entire P40 series, Huawei will offer a spectrum of colours for the body, as usual and this time, we see five different colours to pick from – Ceramic Black, Blush Gold, Deep Sea Blue, Silver Frost and Ice White.

And finally, another thing that impresses us is the 40W HUAWEI SuperCharge that is currently the strongest in the market (thus far that is official) which can be used for both wireless charging and wired charging. Even for its wireless car charging option is boosted to 27W.

Add that with a 4,200mAh battery, you'll be rest assured to have enough power to last you the entire day. Even if it doesn't, charging will be a quick painless experience. As Huawei puts it, "Relax and drink some coffee. When you’re ready to go, your phone will be at full power."

1585287969168377 huawei fast charging

The launch date and price of Huawei P40 smartphones in Malaysia has yet to be announced. Updates will be provided when the official release is out.


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