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Gucci: "No Space, Just a Place. Eterotopia" exhibition set for 17th April in Seoul

The exhibition (initially opening in March) is now set to launch on 17th April 2020 at Daelim Museum in Seoul.
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Gucci F/W 2020 Show Space, courtesy of Gucci

Following its successful "The Artist Is Present" art exhibition in Shanghai, Gucci is back again with another exciting exhibition, titled "No Space, Just a Place. Eterotopia", which is set to be hosted in Daelim Museum in Seoul.

While previously planned to open on 12th March 2020), the No Space, Just a Place is now rescheduled to open on 17th April 2020 in light of recent health concerns in South Korea.

For this coming exhibition, creative director Alessandro Michele partnered Myriam Ben Salah, the curator of the exhibition, to realise a multi-layered project to support the rich cultural landscape and contemporary art scene in Seoul.

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Gucci F/W 2020 show venue, courtesy of Gucci

"No Space, Just A Place, curated by Myriam Ben Salah, known for her radical aesthetic vision, is propelled by Alessandro Michele’s meditations on society: the ethical and aesthetic value of the relationships between genres and gender, the notion of learnscapes, the urgency of self-expression and an ageless anthropological manifesto are key themes to him, which are reflected in the mission and ambitions of these alternative spaces."

– Written on a press release by Gucci.


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Gucci F/W 2020 backstage, courtesy of Gucci

Aimed to create an alternative view on the concept of what an “other space” might be – a place to build a different, desirable future with new ways for humans to relate to each other and to their surroundings –, No Space, Just a Place adds more to the dialogue by commissioning a selection of local and international artists to exhibit their works, in the form of immersive installations inspired by the near future or by fantastic mythologies.

Alongside these artists, Myriam has also gathered a selection of independent art spaces that have been invited to exhibit at the Daelim Museum across its three floors, where each of them will present a project in their given space to emulate what the exhibition theme reflects – the idea of the alternative spaces as a utopian place in which to set new empowering narratives, dwelling on the understanding of otherness, the exploration of minoritarian identities and queer politics.

1584002593392950 gucci fw 2020 finale
Gucci F/W 2020 finale, courtesy of Gucci

Currently there are no visual confirmations nor promotions on the No Space, Just a Place art exhibition, as Alessandro and Gucci keep everything tightly under wraps but if there is anything we are confident of, it is the ability of Gucci under the creative direction of Alessandro Michele to turn things up with a bang, especially in the world where fashion meets art meets contemporary issues and affairs.

No Space, Just a Place
17th April to 12th July 2020
Daelim Museum, Seoul



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