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Forget infinity pools because glass-bottom pools are the new craze

While we love our infinity pool views, glass-bottom pools are the next thing to hop into.
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Embassy Gardens development in south-west London

For the longest time, infinity pools are all the rage on social media – think Marina Bay Sanda in Singapore, Grace Santorini in Greece and Alila Ubud in Bali.

While those views are still breathtaking as ever and still warrants plenty of snaps whenever you hop in, it is time to get on the latest real estate rage – glass-bottom pools that extend itself outward for a bottomless view on the city below.

And here we round up some of the celebrated architectures that have the feature – from luxury residences to hotels and the like.

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Anaha in Honolulu, Hawaii


Anaha is a luxury real estate development in Hawaii that nestles itself in one of the most upscale neighbourhoods in Honolulu that was completed in 2017.

Equipped with the best amenities and facilities, it is the glass-bottomed pool, dangling 23 metres above the ground, that takes the cake as the highlight of Anaha. Showcasing an aesthetically complimentary green-blue glass cladding that has voluminous curving walls, meant to mimic the look of pacific ocean waves.

Definitely, a snap-worthy spot especially when the pool also has a breathtaking with of the ocean. That is if you can afford to live within its quarters, which are priced from US$600K to US$5M.

1563853843796628 one pacific pool 1
One Pacific in Yaletown, Vancouver

Over in Vancouver, Canada, many await with bated breath for the completion of One Pacific by Concord Pacific – a new luxury development that also features a glass-bottom pool.

Along with its spherical glass pool, the estate also features a “riviera deck”, poolside cabanas, a hot tub and fireside lounge to cater to the many needs of its future residents inside any of the 435 suites built.

While not many details have been unveiled yet, the preview photos still make one green with envy. Add that to the fact that the development is right next door to the new world-class Parq Vancouver casino, there's no reason not to try and book the residence for a private stay next trip you are over in the city.

Embassy Gardens in Nine Elms, London


Reportedly the first to launch the concept of a glass-bottom pool, Embassy Gardens in London might not have a panoramic view of the sea like Anaha but that does not mean it is any less amazing.

Surrounded by greenery with a scenic landscape view of the city of London, the "Sky Pool" on the rooftop of the development is definitely one that still ranks high in the list of glass-bottom pools.

Connecting two of its structure like a bridge, the pool is certainly architecturally and visually striking for all.

1563855039345861 hotel indigo hong kong 271015 02
Hotel Indigo in Wan Chai, Hong Kong


One of the few hotels that has already adopted the concept, Hotel Indigo in the buzzing neighbourhood of Wan Chai in Hong Kong is a must for travellers arriving in the city.

While relatively smaller than its Western counterparts (but actually sizable in HK standards), the experience is just as astounding as the other as you can dive in and swim out to the glass-bottom section of the pool to take in a view of Mother Nature's splendour on the island dotted with lean and tall skyscrapers, which is an unusual sight.

1563855585273132 4 slide infinity pool at intercontinental dubai festival city
InterContinental Festival City Hotel in Dubai


Over in Dubai, you can head over to InterContinental Festival City Hotel to indulge in your glass-bottom pool experience.

Extending out to the edge with curved transparent plexiglass, swimmers can lounge in the pool and bask in the sun rays of the Middle East before heading out to explore sand dunes and enchanting souqs of the city.

If that's not your cup of tea, you can always seclude yourselves in the many luxury malls in the area for a quick shopping spree!



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