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Fab Tech: Samsung, Casio, Huawei

These are the perfect tools for that impeccable "insta-worthy" snapshot.
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Our "Fab Tech" series is back again and this time, let's talk gadgets – more specifically gadgets that help you get that stunning #instaworthy snapshot.

We are nearing the end of 2017's first quarter and there already have been countless new technology launching and for fashion lovers like us, we all crave for the news of an updated camera or smartphone to elevate our photos.

So, here are three new powerhouses that will rock your world!

Huawei P10

Ever since its predecessor debuted the dual-lens Leica camera technology, there's no mentioning great phone photography without mentioning Huawei.

Now, the Chinese tech company is back with Huawei P10, the latest star product that boasts of enhanced technology within its Leica Dual Camera 2.0.

On top of the list is its new Leica front camera (yes, even the front lens is updated) that has a new light-sensing algorithm, 8MP front camera lens and enhanced sensors for 200x more light.

Selfies will never be the same anymore!


Samsung Galaxy S8

"Boundaries Removed". That's the new tagline for the latest Samsung Galaxy S8, a phone that shook the tech market to its core.

With a revolutionary "no bezel" design, the new S8 shows pure content without any borders or cage on the screen, which is perfect for the visually driven (like us!).

Now for the camera, there's plenty to rave about – like the bright F1.7 lens and large 1.4µm pixels that allow perfect lighting for all occasions.

Add that with its brand new professional mode, there's little to none that can't be done.


From 11th April 2017, 12 AM onwards, you can preorder your own here.

Casio Exilim EX-TR80 

For those who prefer a separate device for their photos, but do not want to give up on portability and bag space, then the new Casio Exilim EX-TR80 camera is made for you.

With this new beauty, you can leave your insta-hubby behind and go solo because the camera has a built-in, multi-functional stand that makes #OOTD shots as easy as "A-B-C".

Prop it like a stand, hold it or hang it on walls, the EX-TR80 is as convenient as it is sleek.

On the tech front, the EX-TR80 has an auto-skin adjustment system that brightens, tightens, smoothes and sharpens your portrait without looking overly photoshopped.

And of course, it comes with instant transfer via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Exilim Auto-Transfer. How can you say "no" to that, honestly?


Now that you've heard and seen it, which would you pick to bring along to your next holiday, brunch and shopping bonanza?



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