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Cire Trudon's 3 ways to care for your candles

Not only does it ensure maximum burn time but it also helps enhance your aromatic experience.
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Have you ever counted the exact burn time for each candle you use and does it match up with what the packaging or retailer indicates?

More often than not, you find that it doesn't come anywhere near to the duration mentioned by the manufacturer. Instead of 30 hours, you probably got about 25 and we get it. It happens to us too!

Lucky for you (and us!), we asked  Cire Trudon, world's oldest and most established candlemaker, to show us three essential ways to make our candles last longer than ever and elevate the overall experience.

Trim that tip

The first thing you need to do when burning candles is to always trim the wick before lighting it up.

You need to know that as you burn the candle, the flames will gradually grow stronger, resulting in more wax burnt than necessary.

By trimming your wick, not only can you control the flames but you will avoid smoking and soot-forming in the candle. The burnt wick (if left unattended) might also contaminate the wax if when it drops.

It is said that the optimum length for a wick is 1/8 of an inch for healthy burning.

Take note that, trimming and relighting are necessary if you are burning for a long period of time.

Burn it all the way

Do you find yourself burning for just a short half hour? That is a big mistake because you will cause a cave-in and waste a lot of wax away!

According to Cire Trudon, for optimum usage, you need to burn the candle until the entire surface is melted before snuffing it out. 

And this usually takes around 3 to 4 hours and this also ensures the entire room is scented properly for maximum enjoyment.

But note to never go over that duration because it might overheat the jar/holder.

Never blow

And finally, never ever blow out your candles because that will result in smoky burnt smell emanating, thus spoiling the scent it worked so hard to spread in your space.

The trick here is to get a candle extinguisher to snuff out the candle or push it down to the wax to kill the flames. Plus, this method helps coat the wick back with proper wax for the next lighting.

If you don't have one (just get one!), you can use any form of stick or pin to push it down.

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