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Cartier crowns its six laureates for CWIA18

The winners of the 2018 edition os the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards has been named!
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A project that celebrates women empowerment and engagement, the annual Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards is one not to be missed and just last week on 26th April, six laureates were crowned!

Among 18 finalists, who each were selected for their outstanding contribution to the society through their business and research, one laureate was chosen to her own region including the Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Europe, North America, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East & North Africa.

For each of the laureate, they were awarded US$ 100,000 of prize money along with personalised business coaching, media visibility, networking opportunities as well as the option to attend an INSEAD Executive Program (ISEP), all sponsored by Cartier.

Meet six laureates of CWIA18:

Kristina Tsvetanova, Europe

Blitab Technology (Austria)

A tactile tablet for the blind and visually impaired.

Swati Pandey, Asia-Pacific

Arboreal Agro Innovations (India)

An industrial scale, vertically-integrated producer of stevia, a 100% natural substitute for sugar.

Siroun Shamigian, Middle East & North Africa

Kamkalima (Lebanon)

An online platform that uses artificial intelligence and data analytics to help learn and teach Arabic.

Paula Gomez, Latin America

Epistemic (Brazil)

A device that alerts patients and caregivers of an oncoming epileptic seizure up to 25 minutes in advance

Melissa Bime, Sub-Saharan Africa

Infiuss (Cameroon)

An online blood bank that collects and dispatches blood donations to hospitals.

Yiding Yu, North America

Twiage (United States)

A digital platform that enables the transmission of real-time data from ambulance to hospital.

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