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A visual tour with Kai and I.U at Gucci "No Space, Just A Place. Eterotopia"

We've talked about the digital private tour and the artists featured. Now, it's time to let these two Gucci kids take you on a visual tour.
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The Gucci "No Space, Just A Place. Eterotopia" exhibition has officially opened since 17th April in Seoul's Daelim Museum as part of the brand's latest creative venture, showcasing a myriad of masterpieces from both local and international artists.

And since most of us cannot travel to Seoul for the showcase (they prepared a 360-degree virtual tour for us too), Gucci has just released a set of photos and an exclusive video featuring South Korean artists Kai of EXO (@zkdlin) and solo artist I.U (@dlwlrma) to take you on another visual tour through the exhibition.


Scroll down to see the photos and a video tour of Kai and I.U at the exhibition:

1589263693014464 5. gucci ambassador iu
1589263688210145 1. gucci ambassador exo kai
1589263725641198 7. gucci ambassador iu
1589263696285022 2. gucci ambassador exo kai
1589263734595794 6. gucci ambassador iu
1589263731113635 4. gucci ambassador exo kai
1589263746339529 8. gucci ambassador iu
1589263738534015 3. gucci ambassador exo kai
1589263750230584 9. gucci ambassador iu

Visit now to start your personal virtual tour now.

No Space, Just a Place. Eterotopia
17th April to 12th July 2020
Daelim Museum, Seoul

To visit the exhibition in person, you can buy your tickets on



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