5 magical holidays destinations with 10/10 Insta-worthy ratings

This summer, plan an unusual trip to one of these 5 destinations with magical landscapes and makes the perfect Insta posts!
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When it comes to Peru, it is often about llamas and Machu Picchu, while the country is full of nature reserves and phantasmagorical landscapes. According to ByNativ, the place to visit in Peru is the majestic Vinicunca (which means rainbow mountain) which offers a landscape with an incredible gradient of colours.

All you need to do is travel two-hours by car from Cusco and take a 5km walk. Trust us, it is worth it!


Head to Arizona to discover the Upper Antelope Canyon, located on Navajo land east of the city of Page. Less known than the Grand Canyon but never less stunning, the natural cavities of the area offer you magnificent perspectives.

Discovered in 1931 by a Navajo Indian, who was in a party in search of a lost sheep, these narrow passageways have become the new favourite spot of photographers and Instagrammers.


Brazil offers a diverse range of impressive landscapes that includes white sand beaches, the Amazon rainforest and more.

And If you are looking for breathtaking landscapes (that are less visited), go north to the Lençòis Maranhenses National Park that has the Lagoa Azul and Lagoa Bonita, which are two of the largest lagoons.

Spread over 1,550 km2, the park offers an almost lunar vision with its vast desert landscapes, white sand dunes and natural lagoons with crystal clear water.


For lovers of the Asia region, take a flight to Sri Lanka, a pearl of the East that is rich in culture and wondrous scenery. The most beautiful spots are sometimes the simplest.

If you go near the coast, stop and watch the local fishermen who, from the top of their stilts, offer you a visual composition out of time. You can often catch them doing their routines at dawn, noon and dusk at the southern coast in towns like Koggala, Kaththaluwa and Ahangama.

You can even book tours to Mirissa beach, Hikkaduwa Beach or Unawatuna Beach where the fishermen will teach you their ways and get you on the stilts for a snap.


A country on the edge of the Arctic Circle, Iceland offers natural landscapes shaped by the cold winds of Mother Nature. Intact, this nature offers moments out of time, borrowing magic from the northern lights.

Another must-see spot on the frozen island is its ice caves, often called Crystal Caves, which offers a wide spectrum of colours depending on the light and the season.

The best time to drop by is between November to March, where you can pop over to the crystal ice cave in Vatnajokull, while the man-made ice cave at Langjökull Glacier and the Ice Cave under the Katla Volcano are available for entry all-year round.

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