What's in our August 2017 issue?

This month, we draw the unsung heroes in fashion, beauty and lifestyle out of the shadow and into the limelight!
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"Come out, come out... wherever you are", because this August 2017, L'Officiel Malaysia is taking you behind-the-scenes, in a tribute to celebrate the unsung heroes in
fashion, beauty and lifestyle!

But before all that, meet our cover girl Shujing Zhou (@shujing_sugarless), who also stepped out of the fashion obscurity this year and right onto the cover of Behind The Scene issue.

On our theme of the issue, managing editor Monica Mong says, "Typically, fashion editors sit at shows seeking out common threads or ideas to bring back to their offices and translate into fashion spreads."

"I, however, work the other way round. I start my fashion week journeys pretty much reporting, not from the front rows, but the beauty that is the backstage."

Without further ado, we present you, in this issue, the brains and brawns behind four rising local fashion designers in Meet The Makers, the beauty mavens that shaped Autumn/Winter 2017 runways in Trend Dictators and the architects behind Kuala Lumpur's most Instagram-worthy cafes in Beyond The Walls.


(Swipe gallery below for a sneak peek of our issue)

"This issue is dedicated to those who work hard behind the scenes. A true creator of beautiful fashion, you are more inspiring than anyone seated at the front row."


But wait, there's more!

This August 2017 edition also sees a specially curated watch supplement, "The Watch Guide", that will serve you as a guide to the most coveted timepieces of the season that are encouraging individuality and originality.

So let's get to it and check out all the must-haves from Bell & Ross in Never Compromise, the season's best bets in Above And Beyond and statement-making pieces in Aesthetique Fantastique.




L'Officiel Malaysia August 2017 "Behind The Scene" issue is now available at all major newsstands and bookstores nationwide.

You can also subscribe and download our digital copy on our Subscriptions page.

Cover Credits

Photography: Xiangyu Liu
Styling: Klaire Chen
Creative Direction: Monica Mong
Makeup: MeyLoo
Hair: Kazuko Kitaoka
Styling Assistant: Curry Chen
Production: Ting Chung
Model: Shujing Zhou / Longteng Model Management


Watch Guide Cover

Photography: Soon Lau / Awesome Image
Styling: Monica Mong
Makeup & Hair: Khir Khalid
Styling Assistant: Nikita Nawawi
Model: Shikin Gomez



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