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by L'Officiel Malaysia
This February, set the mood by exploring life after happily ever after in our "Post Romance" issue, featuring Lou Schoof as our cover girl.

Two is always better than one and for our first of 2018 (our February issue), we star the dynamic siblings Lou and Nils Schoof (@louschoof and @nilsschoof) in our cover story.

But, of course, the star on the cover is Lou Schoof herself, all dressed in the latest Prada collection, which was shot by photographer Onin Lorente in Fedderingen, Germany.



As the rise of the Gerbers, Smiths and Hadids (see the new Calvin Klein family-themed campaign) show, model families have never been more in demand.

But while those clans trade on wholesome families-next-door personas and mass commercial appeal, the Schoofs (or @schoofers as they are known on Instagram) are experts at elevating the fashion photograph into something closer to a cinematic lm still – an image imbued with mystery, tension and melancholy.

On this first issue of 2018, Managing editor Monica Mong says, "Happy New Year! We missed you in January since December/January was a joint issue for us. We are starting the year in a romantic mood, featuring cool siblings of Lou and Nils Schoof in our cover story, which was shot in Fedderingen, about an hour and half drive from Hamburg, Germany."

Lou wearing Pringle of Scotland and Céline; Nils wearing Gucci, Bottega Veneta and Dolce & Gabbana
"The December weather in Berlin was cold and gloomy... That was my first impression of Berlin; grey like Lou and Nil’s black and white pictures on their Instagram."

Titled "Post Romance", our February 2018 issue is not just talking about 'LOVE', instead we set the mood by exploring life after happily ever after.

Find out how to dress when one no longer cares to impress in Romance Removed and uncover the key to making Valentine’s a day for self-appreciation in The Theory Of Femininity.

On top of that, there is no better time to unleash your inner temptress with the makeup must-haves in In The Heat Of The Night, while What Lovers Do gives us an insight on how three couples keep the spark going in the post-romantic world.

(Swipe below for a sneak peek of our new issue)

Romance Removed on Spring/Summer 2018 collections
Show Time by Jojo Goh
You SPin Me Round featuring Chloé's Nile and Pixie bags
Dissecting the L’Esprit du Lion Protective Bracelet by Chanel
In The Heat of the Night discovers wild, unbridled passion to be found in the age of post-romance
What Lovers Do on wild couple rendezvous and bedroom rules

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Cover Credits

Photography: Onin Lorente
Styling: Patrick Lief/Kult Artist
Makeup & Hair: Steffanie Kroll/Liganord using Laura Mercier & Charlotte Tilbury
Model: Lou & Nils Schoff by Place Models Hamburg
Location: Bert Ex

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