Off the beaten track: New cafés in KL

These new additions to KL's cafe hopping scene are definitely worth going off the track.
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Cafe hopping is nothing new to the KL foodie scene but more often than not, places we go to are always packed to the brim, making the experience less than comfortable.

But thanks to the ever-booming coffee culture in the city, we are no short of new attractions to enjoy a cuppa. Instead of the usual we give you five new cafes that opened in KL – all of which are quite off the beaten track (and possibly less crowded too!).  

So mark it down and get ready for your weekend coffee adventure.

Soul Sacrifice, Desa Pandan

Many a time, cafes boast of having great comfort food and often fail to impress.

But that is not the case with Soul Sacrifice, tucked in a row of old shop lots in Desa Pandan. Each and every dish on the menu is worth the drive to this hidden corner in Kuala Lumpur.

From pumpkin curry pasta to duck bacon omelette, the menu is definitely worth sacrificing your soul for, not to mention also great coffee and a litter of kittens within the establishment.



Purple Miao, Ampang

While most cafes in KL talk about the western inspiration (mainly Melbourne), Purple Miao is one place we found inspired by the serene architecture of Japan.

Located in Ampang, the little cafe by the roadside brings to mind tea houses you'd find near Japanese shrines like Fushimi Inari.

With egg rolls, tofu sandwiches and coffee in bamboo cups, this is just the right touch of Zen we need for the weekend.



Neighbourhood Coffee, Sri Petaling

If fluffy pancakes and good coffee are your idea of Sunday brunch, then you need to head over to Neighbourhood Coffee in Sri Petaling right now.

On the menu, there is one absolute thing you need to order: the 'fuwa fuwa' souffle pancake, which is an airy wonder served with fresh cream and strawberries.

That aside, its interior is also one to note of for its comfortable and minimal setup. Great for a quiet weekend catch up with your besties.



Kopenhagen Coffee, Mont Kiara

If you love Danish architecture and interiors, then we have just the thing for you – Kopenhagen Coffee.

Located right across Gardens International School in a small row of shops, the minimal and chic Danish-styled cafe is packed with great coffee and comfort food.

However, parking is very limited there. We advise you to park near Verve Suites and take a short 5-minute walk down. Trust us, it's worth it.



Redemption Espresso Bar, Plaza Damas

Last but not least, you can also try out Redemption Espresso Bar for that indulgent and perfectly executed array of caffeinated drinks.

A new addition to Plaza Damas, Redemption is the perfect place for an aromatic cup of coffee and a quick bite of baked goods to fuel your day.

Our perfect combo is definitely a cup of long black with some of its delicious cranberry scones over our weekend reading. Simply blissful!





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