Kate Moss has just launched a makeup collection

This makeup collection is made for those striving for the effortlessly chic "Kate Moss" look.
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A household name in the fashion world, Kate Moss is definitely one of our favourite models of all time and we know one thing's for sure, whatever Kate endorses, we buy!

Which leads us to her new collaboration with the Japanese beauty brand Decorté, where the supermodel created a special makeup collection to grace us mere mortals with a way to achieve her daily beauty look!

This unique collaboration will be in form of a makeup kit, aptly named "The Kate Moss Favorites kit", which will include a cosmetic bag, a set of brushes, a lip palette, lip liner, shadows, highlighter and bronzer, eyeliner and eyebrow pencil. 

And the whole set is only priced at USD190 (approx. RM876) and available exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue, both in-store and online (click here to shop).

And don't worry, we checked. Saks Fifth Avenue e-commerce site also ships to Malaysia now!



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