Unpublished Kate Moss photos set as new Calvin Klein campaign

Taken 24 years ago, the campaign photos finally sees the light of day. Thanks Raf!

Drawing it out from the archives, Raf Simons has decided to use unpublished photos and video of Kate Moss from 1993 for its coming Calvin Klein OBSESSED fragrance campaign.

Proving to the world, he is indeed the perfect match to Calvin Klein, Raf Simons has been making waves with his new direction for the brand, starting with his debut campaign in last February.

But did you know that this campaign with Kate Moss was one of the first things he has decided on when he joined Calvin Klein?

Here, we have a sneak preview of the campaign just for you below and it looks like it was taken just yesterday (instead of 24 years go)!

Kate Moss for Calvin Klein OBSESSED



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