Foreo Luna 2 Men, a facial gadget tailored to all men's skincare qualms

Made to deep cleanse with anti ageing technology, the Foreo Luna 2 Men is a power-up made to address the gents' skin worries.
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We have all heard about the wide range of Foreo gadgets and have received raving reviews about them (including the Foreo Luna Mini 3, which we had our hands on).

Now it is time for the men to rejoice because Foreo has finally released a man-dedicated gadget - the Foreo Luna 2 Men - to address the gentlemen's grooming qualms.


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One of the biggest worries for men when it comes to their grooming routine is shaving (both pre and post regime) and this new gadget (officially known as the LUNA 2 for MEN T-Sonic facial-cleansing brush) is here to save the day.

With 2 times the T-Sonic Power (a technology unique to Foreo devices), you can be assured that your face will be refreshed and rejuvenated post use.

On the official release, Foreo claims that the Luna 2 Men "drives away dead skin cells and unclogs pores of 99.5% of dirt and oil to prep skin" for shaving.

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That means you can get cleaner and closer shaves after using the Luna 2 Men and the boys at L'Officiel team attest to its results. Plus, the skin does feel squeaky clean afterwards (and without the dry tugging feeling you get when using a strong cleanser formula).

On the reverse side, you get another function - advanced anti-ageing system - where it uses lower-frequency pulsations to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, all while getting your skin firmed up.

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While there are multiple functions to this device, we'd highly recommend the Luna 2 Men mainly because of the pre-shaving prep that allows us to have a fuss-free grooming regime.

If you're one who struggles with a tough shave and irritation after, then this will be something you need to add into your grooming shelf (plus, the additional benefits are pluses we all don't mind having!).



Discover more about Foreo Luna 2 Men now on www.foreo.com or visit your nearest Sephora outlets.



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