#MY3LOFF: The Editor's Note

Print is not dead – and so isn’t “The Paper”.
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A year has passed and soon it is time to celebrate L'Officiel Malaysia's third anniversary!

And this time around, we celebrate the charm of print and paper in an interesting space of APW – The Paper, a former paper storage warehouse and our space for the #MY3LOFF 3rd-anniversary party.

In this “heart” of a printing factory, we will be presenting new and the old local talents under one roof, serving our responsibility and mission in the publishing industry in promoting the gifted in the mentioned fields.

Ee Soon Wei, owner of APW says, "Paper has references to folded pages, unfinished written thoughts and offcuts.  Perhaps this narrative also best suggest the timing to introduce this new space,  yet providing a nostalgic context to its former functionality as a warehouse storage space.  A space that collects new and borrowed stories altogether."

Our exclusive third-anniversary party is our way of celebrating fashion, music and art.

The highlights of the night include:

Lights by Jun Ong

For the third consecutive year, we have a one-night-only structure by local light
installation artist and architect Jun Ong (@junihaoni).

This time he combines mist, light and air, under an old water tank mesmerizing you with a brand new light experience.

If last year's installation (pictured here) were anything to go by, it will be a definite spectacle and a great place for photo ops.

Uniqlo meets Fictionist Studio

We will also have a joint project with Uniqlo to present their Ultra Light Down jackets as reinterpreted by artist Joanne Chew (@fictionistudio), showing you how light and compact these Uniqlo ULD jackets are.

Joanne is a talented artist who has done much outstanding work including the one shown here for an exhibition at PAM Centre, Bangsar.

Cocktails, Cider, Beer and More!

We love how tea/coffee and alcohol collided and absolutely impressed by Artisan x Coley’s creations last anniversary!

Coffee maker – Artisan Roastery (@threelittlebirdscoffee) with their owner Joey Mah (@mr_darcy) and Malaysia barista champions Jason Loo (@jasonloo315) and Keith Koay (@keith_koay), together with CK Kho (@ck.kho) of Coley Cocktail Bar (@coleylumpur) will be working together again to create new flavours of cocktails to amaze the crowd.

Coley aside, we also have Martell Noblige, Chivas RegalAbsolut Hibiscus, Heineken and Strongbow to fuel us up for the night with their exquisite beverages.

Party with Braun Büffel

Uniqlo aside, we also have Braun Büffel as one of our partners who will be showcasing its latest collection in a special space right in the heart of our party.

With a collection inspired by Studio 54, the Braun Büffel space should be one to watch out for.

Spinning with DJ KoFlow

For the third time, DJ/producer/turntablist/curator DJ KoFlow (@djkoflow) from
Singapore will be spinning for our party.

Having just completed his hip-hop theatrical show at Esplanade Concert Hall Singapore together with a select group of Singapore musicians for the second time, and travelled all the way to L.A to spin at the latest blockbuster hit “Crazy Rich Asians” movie premiere, he is a name we look forward to seeing again!

House of Stoned

Many of you must be aware by now that our #MY3LOFF invitation also includes a special Stoned & Co x L'Officiel Malaysia cap for some of our friends (don't worry, the rest will get their hands on it during the party!).

As one of our partners, Stoned & Co will also be hosting a special pop-up at our party – titled "House of Stoned" – that will take our guests in a sensorial journey to see what the brand is all about.

Definitely a must-visit when you're here this Friday.

Beauty of Paper with The Alphabet Press

Also, our talented friends at The Alphabet Press (@thealphabetpress) understand print and paper better than anyone of us.

If you have received our #MY3LOFF invitation cards, do spend some time reading through the rationale sheet slotted in between the stack of papers, all these are piled up waste papers over time in production, no new paper needed, and no cutting of trees, giving things another chance.

There are also blank white papers for you to write new stories on it. We absolutely love the idea!

Last but not least, I would like to thank all our generous sponsors for your support, as well as friends and contributors of L’Officiel Malaysia, we look forward to welcoming you to celebrate this very special occasion with us on 7th September 2018.

And if you're joining us at the party, remember our official hashtag:


Note: The L'Officiel Malaysia #MY3LOFF 3rd Anniversary Party is strictly by invitation only.



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