#MY2LOFF: We are turning two!

Another year zipped past us and now it's time to celebrate our second anniversary, this coming 8th September 2017!
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In a blink of an eye, it's another year down the road, since our first-anniversary party, and in two weeks' time, L'Officiel Malaysia will officially be turning two!

And our coming second anniversary party (see: #MY2LOFF) is our way of celebrating fashion, music, and art. Despite being an international fashion title, we care very much about our local artists, who are adding more colour and creativity to Malaysia's scene.

For our #MY2LOFF 2nd Anniversary Party, we chose Lightcraft, the former bakery factory called Federal Bakery Factory, and now lighting showroom, as our venue.

And within, we will also be presenting both new and old local talents under one roof, serving our responsibility and mission as a platform to promote the gifted in the mentioned fields.

If you are one of our guests for the night, here's what you can expect:

Back for round 2 with Jun Ong

For the second consecutive year, we have a one-night-only structure by local light installation artist and architect Jun Ong (@junihaoni).

This time he combines water mist and light, mesmerising you with a brand new light experience.

Interactive light with FILAMEN

Consisted of three individuals - Fariz Hanapiah, Abdul Shakir and Nadhir Zuhair
Nozi – FILAMEN (@wearefilamen) will be presenting their interactive light installation, which previously was shown at Urbanscapes 2017, at our #MY2LOFF party.

Redesigning the Levi's jacket

We also have a joint project with Levi’s to present its classic trucker jacket and the twist is we got it reinterpreted by four young and talented local fashion designers, namely Cassey Gan (@casseygan), Joe Chia (@joechia), Man Chien (@manchien) and Moto Guo (@motoguo), with their very different design aesthetics.

Artisan x Coley Bar

When tea/coffee and alcohol collide.

Coffee maker – Artisan Roastery (@threelittlebirdscoffee) with their owner Joey Mah (@mr_darcy) and Malaysia barista champions Jason Loo (@jasonloo315) and Keith Koay (@keith_koay), together with CK Kho (@ck.kho) of Coley (@coleylumpur) will be working together to create new flavours of tea/coffee infused cocktails to amaze the crowd.

Do make your way to the Artisan x Coley bar to watch these talents in action!

Spinning at #MY2LOFF

For the second time, DJ/producer/turntablist DJ KoFlow (@djkoflow) from Singapore, who just completed his hip-hop theatrical show at Esplanade Concert Hall Singapore, will be spinning for the night.

So, expect some amazing tunes to party the night away with us!

Handcrafted for you

And if you have received our invitation card, again, it was designed and crafted by our
talented friends at The Alphabet Press (@thealphabetpress), thank you!

Last but not least, we would like to thank all our generous sponsors for your support, as well as friends of L’Officiel Malaysia, we look forward to welcoming you to celebrate this very special occasion with us on 8th September 2017.




Special thanks: Absolut Vodka, Armani/Fiori, Artisan Roastery, Chivas, Coley, DCODE, Fujifilm, Grab, Heineken, Ken's Apothecary, Levi's, Lightcraft, Llao Llao, Martell, Redken, Swarovski, The Alphabet Press, Tealive and UM Land.



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