How Well Do They Know Each Other? | Kahoe & Shir

As part of our #MY2LOFF anniversary month, we present to you the duos who made it work professionally and personally.
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Our September 2017 issue marks L'Officiel Malaysia turning two and what better way to celebrate than featuring a list of amazing couples and duos inside this special issue.

Titled "#couplegoals" (see here), the feature story is about dynamic duos who are more than just business partners. They are family, lovers, best friends or even soul mates.

So, in conjunction with the #couplegoals series in our magazine, we present to you the first of our nine exclusive videos featuring the couples in a game of "How Well Do They Know Each Other?".

And our first duo is the visually captivating couple, Kahoe Hon and Shir Chong!

Kahoe & Shir battles it out in a game of "How Well Do They Know Each Other?"

You know those Instagram couples who appear to have it all and that life is all about snapping lovey-dovey photos in their designer outfits?

The couples that you’d love to hate but you just can’t stop scrolling? Well, that’s Shir Chong and Kahoe Hon.

But unlike the others, the model slash actor couple seem to be more mindful in sharing their private moments on the social media which is, in a strange way, also a bummer.

Lucky for us, we caught them in action on camera as they let go of all inhibitions and battle it out in a battle of personal knowledge.

Who do you think won the game?



The L'Officiel Malaysia 2nd Anniversary (September 2017) issue is now at your nearest newsstands and bookstores nationwide from September 2017 onwards.

You can also subscribe and download our digital copy on our Subscriptions page.





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