Introducing: Victor Perr fronts L’Officiel Hommes Malaysia Spring/Summer 2021 issue

Confident, persistent and hardworking: the modelling career of cover guy Victor Perr is on the up.
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Beneath the twinkling brown eyes is 24-year-old fashion model Victor Perr who is also a water polo enthusiast and a student of Master in Sports Business Management. The face of the moment scored his first gig at the joyful age of 16 in New York. You know what they say about the magic of being in the right place at the right time: Perr never thought of becoming a model until he was scouted on the subway by Eric Sposito, director of 16 & 16Men, who persuaded him to join his agency. All of a sudden, Perr found himself on the cusp of leading a jet- setting lifestyle while immersing in the thought of boundless opportunities that leapfrogged into his imagination. Now managed by IMG Models, Perr has worked for Calvin Klein, Dsquared2, Givenchy and Philipp Plein, just to list a few.

1618285573160848 victor 1
Head to toe, Dior Men.

What is a typical day like for you?

I’d say waking up at 7.30am and be at school until 6pm. And then I go work out at the gym for an hour and a half and head home and have dinner with my family. I usually end the day catching up with my grandparents over the phone.


What are some of the most memorable parts of your modelling journey so far?

My best memories were in LA and New York. I had just turn 16 when I went casting for Calvin Klein in New York. I still remember how I would go to McDonald’s every day because I couldn’t speak much English at that time. I also shot a Givenchy campaign with Irina Shayk in LA, which I was really proud of – we went to a desert and everything about it was amazing.

1618203062543982 perr 2
Top, trousers and bag, Givenchy.
1618203193331907 perr 5
Coat and shirt, Louis Vuitton.

If you have to choose one, which is your favourite show and campaign?

My favourite show was for Givenchy where I was able to hang out and laugh with many of my close model friends backstage. As for campaign, it has got to be the Givenchy campaign I just mentioned.


In your opinion, what are the important characteristics of a good photographer?

I have worked with a lot of them and there are two who I admire. One of them is Margaux Demaria who is one of the most professional photographers and I have a great time whenever I shoot with her. I know I don’t have to worry about how I look because the pictures always turn out good. And the other is Florian Boggia who is new in the industry but has already shown amazing talent. The first time I did some polaroid photos with him, I was mesmerised by his style. He recently shot me for some magazines and I can’t wait to see the pictures. Generally speaking, a good photographer is someone who is willing to show you the mood board beforehand. Someone who takes time to ask you if everything is alright; someone who makes you feel good in front of the camera and gives off good vibes – and that’s what Margaux and Florian do.

1618203280868514 perr 6
Jacket, Andrea Crews; Trousers, Cerruti 1881; Shoes, Anthology- Paris; Bag, A.P.C.
1618203326585255 perr 8
Jacket and shoes, Cerruti 1881; Blazer, Instituto Marangoni; Shorts, A.P.C + Phipps; Tie, Byredo.

What is one common misconception about the modelling world you want to debunk?

Notoriety. Some of my friends think that I have become a so-called “super star” – not in a good way – when in actual fact, I’m just a student who also has a job he enjoys doing.


What do you like about your job?

Probably meeting new people all the time and also the shows because I really love the feeling when I’m walking down the runway.


And what do you dislike the most?

People with power but have no respect for others. I have seen photographers who don’t respect their assistants or the hair and makeup artists. It’s funny how they don’t understand that if it wasn’t for these people, there would be no end-product – at least, a good end-product.

1618203486372261 perr 1
Shirt, T-shirt and trousers, Mans Concept; Shoes, Anthology-Paris; Hat, Hizume; Bag, Établissement Pardi.

What is your life ethos?

Travel opens the mind and eyes.


How do you keep fit with your busy schedule?

I used to play a lot of water polo a long time ago. I love running and working out with friends; it’s easy when you do things that you like.


What is your plan for the near future?

I’d like to move to Asia to further my modelling career next year, and I’d also like to go back to school to study to become a pilot with Air France.

1618203549023123 perr 7
Dress, JW Anderson; Scarf and shoes, Cerruti 1881; Hat, Hizume; Bag, A.P.C + Byredo.

The L'Officiel Hommes Malaysia Spring/Summer 2021 issue featuring models Victor Perr is now available on Magzter.com and will be available in newsstands and bookstores soon.


Photography: Margaux Demaria (@margauxdemaria)
Styling: Thibault Leroy (@leroythibault)
Words: John Ng
Artistic Direction: Ian Loh
Post-Production: Tatiana Mosina (@tm_retouching)
Hair: Jimmy Jurcenoks (@jimmyjurcenoks)
Makeup: Benolt Claverie (@claveriebenoit)/Carol Hayes Management (@carolhayesmanagement) using Dior cosmetics
Videography: Anael Boulay (@anaelboulay)
Special Thanks to Féau & Cie Boiserie (@feauboiseries)



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