Montblanc presents you the new global brand campaign, “What Moves You, Makes You”

With the support of three remarkable ‘Mark Makers’, Spike Lee, Taron Egerton and Chen Kun, the luxury maison returns to the world by redefining the meaning of success.
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Montblanc’s latest global brand campaign – What Moves You, Makes You, establishing itself as the ‘Maison of Luxury Business Lifestyle’, – vitalizes the Maison’s mission to inspire people to convey their potential in their own words, as well as celebrating those who have found their path to rephrasing the codes of success for the 21st century.

The campaign emphasizes Montblanc’s core belief that everyone can leave a mark, not only by leaving a stamp on the way but appreciating and pursuing endeavours that excite at every turn.

1598613513023171 spike lee
Spike Lee
1598613522220213 taron
Taron Egerton
1598613533533649 chen kun
Chen Kun

With this new campaign, Montblanc introduces the ‘Mark Makers’, enthusiastic doers who pursue what they love including includes award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker Spike Lee, actor Taron Egerton as well as singer, actor and school founder Chen Kun., all of whom embody the values of what success means and paired with the motivational mindset that makes them distinguish.

Through three individual campaign films, Montblanc shows how these three talented stars resonate with the brand's ethos and DNA.


Watch the films below now:

Montblanc X Spike Lee
Montblanc X Taron Ewerton
Montblanc X Chen Kun

“As a Maison founded by pioneers who set out to create innovative products for those seeking to make their mark in the world, this campaign is in fact an evolved expression of our DNA. The way people work has changed, priorities and values have shifted, therefore we felt it was time to redefine the codes of success to reflect the changes are customers are experiencing.”


Nicolas Baretzki, Montblanc CEO

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