Harry Styles's viral cardigan and the rise of crochet fashion

This sleek and chic JW Anderson cardigan has been trending on Tik Tok.
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Harry Styles is certainly one to watch when it comes to fashion. Long gone are his One Direction days sporting Jack Wills hoodies. \

Today, the pop singer is more likely found in head to toe Gucci looks with a '70s rockstar aesthetic. Earlier in February, Harry made an appearance in the Today Show in the US, rocking a colour-block patchwork cardigan that came in a delightful rainbow hue by JW Anderson.

This has since sparked a viral fashion sensation in its wake, with many of his young fans flocking to social media platform Tik Tok to post their own DIY version of the cardigan.

Just take a look at the hashtag #harrystylescardigan on Tik Tok alone: it has garnered 4.8 million views, with the most popular video of which is by user @llilbittylivie, with over 3.2 million views.

Having seen how this viral trend has unfolded, JW Anderson responded to all the “TikTok Cardigan fans” with some goodwill -- providing them with a link to the original cardigan pattern, which can be now found on their official website.

“I am so impressed and incredibly humbled by this trend and everyone knitting the cardigan. I really wanted to show our appreciation so we are sharing the pattern with everyone. Keep it up!,” said Jonathan Anderson on Instagram.

Crochet as a fashion trend didn’t originate from Harry Styles or the quarantine, though they’ve certainly had a part to play in it.

Back in the Spring 2020 runways, designers from Marni to Stella McCartney embraced this handmade fiber art trend on the catwalks. In a world where fast fashion brands are able to churn out thousands of pieces in just a matter of days, there's just something about this homespun trend that is all the more precious.


Scroll ahead to get a glimpse of some of the top looks of the Spring 2020 runways:


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