HyunA stars in Calvin Klein's CK ONE campaign debut in Asia

South Korean artist HyunA embodies the spirit of freedom and self-expression in CK ONE campaign for fashion and fragrance.
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In conjunction with Calvin Klein's debut of the CK ONE apparel line and CK EVERYONE fragrance, South Korean artist HyunA is cast as the face of the campaign for the Asia region.

And if you're following closely, HyunA truly embodies the message behind the CK ONE campaign – “I am one, I am many, I love every one of me.”  In the 30-second video campaign video, confidence and the strength of self-expression are strongly diffused as HyunA tells us what she loves about herself and, of course,  dressed in the pieces from the debut CK ONE collection.

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"I love her. I love her beauty. I love her sorrowness. I love her showing off. I love her every detail. These are all part of me. I love everyONE of me."



CK ONE comes in a range of jeans and underwears, featuring the brand's signature intimate, fearless and provocating codes. For apparels, the design stays authentic to the timeless silhouettes of denim, accentuated by the brand's logo; while the underwear line sees a more daring treatment on the colourways and motifs.

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CK ONE collection is now available at selected Calvin Klein Jeans and Underwear store or




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